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Of Stories and Lasting Images

Canned thoughts are for the cold storage; we deliver fresh, insightful, unique videos. Videos that are dynamic, that challenge, identify and engage. And be loved. We script relevant stories and paint lasting images. That’s what keeps us ticking. That’s what keeps us refreshed. After all, we are Brand New.   office-interior_panorama_v2office-inside-_v1brandnewentrance_vofficeentrance_logo_v2

Meet the Team


The Alchemist
A.k.a. Birdie, the biker traveller who shares his nickname with his motorcycle, is the founder of Brand New. A decade and a half in Brand Comm., this techie-turned-creative hails from a family of media buffs.


Loyal Lobbyist
Ex-Googler​ who studied media is our customer love guru​. Her memory is perhaps as vast as Google; she doesn’t forget a thing​.​ Cleanliness is her obsession, if you don’t count baking, that is.


Design Duchess
​​A.k.a. Lucky Sara, loves an impromptu bout of design as much as breaking into song without a care for lyrics. Ask her about the perfect holiday and she’ll tell you an Irish tale.


​Tailor of Tapes ​
K​nows what needs to be in a film and, more importantly, what needs to be out. His calm demeanour and editing finesse are always reassuring. Once the edit is over, the film always goes Jai Ho!


Anxious Allrounder
​A​n avid learner and a multi-tasker. Assisting with everything, from preps and shoots to post production, he’s an indispensable part of the team.



The View Finder  
He maybe a man of few words. But in true lensman spirit, he lets the lens do the talking. He’s the film tech guy with his right foot in feature films and his left foot in our office.


The Transformer 
A​.k.a. JB, thinks first and works decisively. And that’s why our VFX supervisor delivers a punch and quickly. Over a decade of experience has given him an eye for detail and it shows.


The Video Wizard ​​
To celebrate our 5th year, we made a single on what Ivan’s day is like, check it out here – Ivan Song

To know more about Ivan visit